End of the World Games Dominance Ensured with the Ideal TH15 Base

Dominance Ensured with the Ideal TH15 Base

Dominance Ensured with the Ideal TH15 Base post thumbnail image

Are you tired of dropping in conflicts and want to fortify your base to make it unrivaled? Then you came on the right position since, in the following paragraphs, we will speak concerning how to help make your Th15 war base unparelled. At the end on this report, it is possible to produce a battle basic that may endure any attack and lead you to triumph.

The Layout

The layout of your bottom performs a crucial role with your protection. You have to make certain your basic is made in a way that it is a hardship on your enemies to attain the key. A labyrinth-like structure can help you in this regard. Yet another thing to remember whilst planning your bottom may be the position of your own safeguard structures. Put them in a way that they can include the full region of your basic and no one can slide previous them.


Wall surfaces are the foundation associated with a base shield system. They shield your structures and maintain the opponents away for a while. It is essential to understand that surfaces aren’t invincible, and they are often wrecked by particular troops and spells. To fortify your wall surfaces, you can alternate the quantity of your walls so it gets tougher for the foe troops to accomplish problems.


Characters may play a crucial role in the shield of your own base. The Archer Princess, Barbarian Queen, and Noble Champ may be placed in a way that they could protect several parts of your basic. You can even place them in independent compartments to enable them to focus on diverse categories of troops. You should take into account all the different your heroes in order to goal troops from the secure distance.


Traps are an effective way to delight the enemy and deal considerable problems. You may set bombs, oxygen mines, or spring traps in spots where your adversaries won’t anticipate them, like near a wall surface bust point or even in a region where troops gather. Traps can be a video game-changer inside your shield method.

CC Troops

Last but not least, the troops inside your Clan Fortress may play a helpful position inside your defense program. You are able to set a mixture of troops, like Valkyries, Wizards, and Balloons, that will do multi-target injury or have diverse can vary. CC troops can delight the adversary with the unexpected attack and prevent them inside their songs.

Simply speaking:

In In short, fortifying your town hall 15 base could be a overwhelming job, yet it is not extremely hard. By bearing in mind the essentials of design, wall surfaces, heroes, traps, and CC troops, you may create a safeguard method that may be almost unbeatable. Remember to play with it, adjust, and try out your foundation to discover what meets your needs. So, get creating and defend your foundation such as your town is determined by it.

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