End of the World General Dr. Wes Heroman: Signs It’s Time for an Eye Check-up

Dr. Wes Heroman: Signs It’s Time for an Eye Check-up

Human eyes are marvels of evolution – however, these essential organ systems are vulnerable to a range of health issues. Knowing the early signs that signal the need for an eye check-up is key to preventing serious vision problems. Dr. Wes Heroman guides readers through common indicators that might warrant an immediate appointment with an eye care professional.

Persistent Headaches

An unexplained, recurring headache is often the body signaling that something isn’t quite right. While this could be due to numerous factors, one reason could be eye strain caused by an underlying vision problem. Regular headaches, particularly following activities such as reading or screen use, could be indicative of the need for an eye check-up.

Blurred Vision

Dr. Wes Heroman A fairly common symptom, blurry vision, can be a sign of many eye conditions, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. It could also be indicative of age-related conditions like presbyopia. If distant objects begin to lose clarity, or if small print becomes hard to discern, it might be time for an eye examination.

Seeing Double

Experiencing double vision can be disconcerting and sometimes a sign of a significant eye problem. This issue could be due to refractive errors, cataracts, or conditions affecting eye muscles. Any incidents of double vision necessitate an immediate eye check-up.

Light Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity to light is another sign that an eye check-up might be needed. Although a certain level of light sensitivity is normal, any sudden or severe increase warrants medical attention as it can indicate infections or inflammations within the eyes.

Seeing Floaters or Flashes

Dr. Wes Heroman Occasional floaters—small spots or specks that drift across visual fields—are usually harmless. But a sudden increase in their number, coupled with bright flashes of light, could signal retinal detachment, a serious condition demanding immediate attention.

Eye Pain or Redness

Continual eye pain or prolonged redness should never be ignored. While minor irritations might be due to dusty environments or allergies, persistent discomfort or redness might indicate more severe problems like glaucoma or eye infections that require prompt examination.

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