End of the World Service RE4 Remake Chicago Typewriter: How to Acquire This Iconic Weapon

RE4 Remake Chicago Typewriter: How to Acquire This Iconic Weapon

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Fans of the classic Resident Evil 4 game from 2005 have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming remake, which is set to be released in May 2022. Among the many features and upgrades in the remake is the return of a fan-favorite weapon – the Chicago Typewriter. This iconic machine gun is now set to make a comeback, much to the delight of fans who have eagerly waited to see it in action once again.

The Chicago Typewriter is a particularly notable weapon from the original game, due to its unique style and design. It is a Tommy gun-like machine gun that fires at an incredibly high rate of fire, making it a reliable choice for clearing out hoards of enemies. The Typewriter can appear to be a bit unwieldy at first, due to its weight and size, but it quickly becomes a favorite among players due to its raw power.

The Typewriter was not present in later iterations of the Resident Evil series. Instead, fans of the weapon could only find it featured in spin-off titles such as Umbrella Chronicles and Mercenaries. This has made the upcoming remake even more exciting, as fans will have the opportunity to experience the Typewriter’s power and charm in a completely new setting.

Another reason why the Chicago Typewriter is such an important weapon in the Resident Evil franchise is its connection to real history. The Typewriter is modeled after the infamous Tommy Gun, a weapon that was considered a symbol of gangster culture during the early 20th century. The Tommy Gun was notorious for its role in organized crime and was widely featured in films and literature at the time – often associated with the likes of Al Capone and John Dillinger.

The Typewriter’s historical roots make it an even more interesting weapon to wield in the game, giving it an added sense of realism and detail. The remake has been designed to make the weapon feel even more authentic, with updated graphics and sound to reflect the original Tommy Gun’s design.

In short:
The return of the re4 chicago typewriter is sure to be an exciting addition to the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake. Its unique design and history have made it an iconic weapon in the series, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its return. As the release date draws closer, players can look forward to testing out this beloved weapon for themselves and experiencing the rush of clearing out hordes of enemies with just the Typewriter in hand.


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