End of the World Service Swapping The LCD On iPhone 11 Screens with OLED: Is It Possible?

Swapping The LCD On iPhone 11 Screens with OLED: Is It Possible?

Swapping The LCD On iPhone 11 Screens with OLED: Is It Possible? post thumbnail image

It’s always cool to think about improving our phones, right? Well, some iPhone 11 owners wondered if they could make their iPhone 11 screens even better by swapping out the LCD for an OLED display. In this article, I’ll break down if that’s actually possible and what you’d need to deal with.
First, let’s talk LCD vs OLED real quick. LCD screens have a backlight that lights up individual pixels. OLED screens make their own light, so you get true blacks and super vibrant colours. That’s why OLED is considered the best display technology.
The iPhone 11 screen is no slouch, though. Apple’s “Liquid Retina” LCD is really sharp and accurate. Those colours just pop. But some people thought an OLED would be an even cooler viewing experience.
In theory, you could swap the screens since they’re similar sizes and resolutions. And the iPhone 11 hardware isn’t inherently against OLED. But there are some major challenges you’d have to overcome.
Apple’s display calibration software plays a big role in how the screen performs. To get that OLED goodness, you’d need to develop your own software from scratch, which is no easy task. Apple keeps that stuff on lockdown.
Also, the iPhone 11 is missing some hardware specifically for OLED that lets each pixel do its own thing. Even if you put an OLED in, it may not look much better than the LCD.
Plus, trying to modify an iPhone yourself can void the warranty and possibly brick the thing if you mess it up. And all that work wouldn’t come cheap!
In the end, the differences between LCD and OLED, combined with Apple’s closed software, make a screen swap a very difficult and risky project. It’s probably better to appreciate the great LCD in the iPhone 11 as is for now. Who knows, maybe future iPhones will make an OLED upgrade easier. For now, we’ll have to enjoy the displays we’ve got!

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